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Yes, YOU CAN File Bankruptcy

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! We are saddened when we see so many individuals who, like you, are honest people, but whose lives are made miserable … disrupted by the fact that they are unable to timely pay their bills and fully provide for themselves or their family.

Almost all of you find yourselves in that situation by circumstances completely out of your control. Your original intentions were purely honorable, but due to our economy’s recent down slide or for other reasons, you are caught in the middle of a financial crisis. This crisis affects not only your pocketbook, but often harms your marriage, stands in the way of a happy productive life and may even impair health.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! We have the solution for your financial problems if you qualify for Chapter 13 protection. This program allows you to keep your possessions, such as your car, home and furniture. Creditors are immediately stopped from any and all collection activity. Satisfactory living expenses are again made possible. Not just some, but ALL debt obligations are moderated. Car payments, back house or rent payments, child support, credit card bills, all debts, even IRS taxes are controlled. Debt reduction, adjuster, helpers, or consolidation agencies can not offer you these benefits. Knowledgeable creditors prefer reorganization of bills under Chapter 13. Many creditors are even willing to help you reestablish credit. You come out a winner.

Rebuild your credit with a fresh start!

Required Credit Counseling available at our office.

Our law firm emphasizes highly personalized attention to detail with every aspect of your case, the application of our long experience (over 10,000 clients represented) and a thorough understanding of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code.

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