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If you have reached the end of your ability to juggle past due debt payments with current mortgage or rent obligations and other essential expenses, contact an experienced San Antonio Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney at Rosenbaum Law Offices (now Davis Law Firm).

When loss of a job, divorce, or a long illness or medical crisis interrupts your income or significantly raises your expenses, Chapter 7 bankruptcy might well be your best option, especially if you need immediate relief from mortgage foreclosure, garnishment of your bank account, or repossession of your car. The automatic stay of bankruptcy will put an immediate stop to virtually every attempt to collect a debt that existed prior to your bankruptcy case, except criminal matters and some child support issues.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorneys Paul Rosenbaum (now Davis Law Firm) can advise you about the pros and cons of bankruptcy in the light of your actual circumstances and debt repayment pressures. Our lawyers will explain the bankruptcy process in as much detail as you need to understand the steps and the longer term consequences.

We’ll show you how to protect your exempt property from the claims of creditors while discharging many of your pre-bankruptcy debts forever, including most credit card debts and payday loans. If any particular creditors or their debts need early attention in your Chapter 7 case, we’ll be able to identify them and plan accordingly prior to filing the petition, especially with regard to nondischargeable debts. Most of all, you can count on us to take the time to answer all of your questions and provide the high level of attentive client service that has characterized our consumer bankruptcy practice for 20 years.

As a consequence of the new Bankruptcy Code amendments that went into effect in October 2005, not everyone who needs bankruptcy relief will qualify for Chapter 7 protection, which normally provides the most comprehensive discharge of indebtedness. However, Chapter 13 does retain some of its “super-discharge” features. Eligibility for Chapter 7 bankruptcy is now based on income as adjusted by certain obligations and other factors. Debtors whose income exceeds a certain level will need to file under Chapter 13, and will need to make monthly payments on a portion of their indebtedness over a period of three to five years.

Many of our Chapter 7 clients originally thought they would have to file a Chapter 13 petition on the basis of relatively high income. Our close analysis of your complete financial situation, together with our thorough familiarity with the Chapter 7 eligibility standards, can help protect your access to the fresh start available under Chapter 7.

Paul Rosenbaum (retired) is Board Certified in consumer bankruptcy by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization and the American Board of Certification for at least ten years. For a confidential and free consultation with an experienced and highly focused San Antonio bankruptcy lawyer, contact the Rosenbaum Law Offices (now Davis Law Firm).