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Many people are under the false impression that when you file bankruptcy, you will lose your car. The truth is that bankruptcy stops repossession. But you must be aware of the pocket of time in which you can stop repossession through Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy and Repossession

Chapter 13 bankruptcy offers protection against repossession. Once an individual files Chapter 13 bankruptcy, an automatic stay goes into effect immediately. By law, through an automatic stay, creditors are banned from taking any collection actions against a debtor. In addition to stopping repossession, Chapter 13 also stops wage garnishment and foreclosure.

My Car Has Already Been Repossessed. Can I Get it Back?

If Chapter 13 case has been filed within 10 days of the date of repossession, we can get it back. After that time has expired and the lender has sold the vehicle at a daily auction the car is lost.

Although it is possible to regain possession of your vehicle after it has been repossessed, it is more effective to stop repossession before it happens. Contact a bankruptcy attorney for information you can use to determine if you should file bankruptcy now.

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